Eroica 2019

Eroica 2019

Fabii Fabii 9 December 2018 0 Comments Uncategorized

The testimonies of some particular protagonists among the over eight thousand that last Sunday have ventured on the white roads of Chianti.

Together with the multi-medalist Zabel, the witness of the “face” of the Hero, and the legendary 94 year old Seghezzi who brought Bartali to victory in the Tour that “extinguished” the revolt for the attack on Togliatti

FELICE GIMONDI. One of the myths of cycling: no key presentations. We hear him on the phone: “I just could not be there and I’m very sorry, partly because I wanted to recover the disappointment of last year: it did not go very well, I fell, my daughter did it, but I wanted to come … Why? A wonderful environment and a path, even if I really see people who have a passion for cycling, the creators have had a fantastic idea, that now they want all over the world.The effort? For one who has done my job is a life partner, a corridor must be faced in fatigue, even when it is rivalry, and in fact when I come there a Gaiole I meet many ex with joy: first there was rivalry, now it is a pleasure “.

LINUS. He also does not need any introduction, even managed to be a “famous face” on the radio. And also an enthusiast and race and bicycle testimonial. But in this overview is the “kid” of the group: “Yes, it was my first time at Eroica and I was thrilled. From the outside I have discovered that we end up having a wrong perception. Let me say exaggerating: you can think of a historical re-enactment, bicycle buggy and people with a stomach. But when ever! The bikes, however mature, do their job very well. After a while you forget that you do not have an advanced product: they brake a little less, you have less relationships, but you’re doing great. And in addition the vintage uniform is at the end more beautiful. And then we get to the paths: they are really challenging and in the end nobody asks you “how much did it put”.

Maybe because you run and then you stop an hour at the refreshment, that question becomes wonderfully meaningless.

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We are just minutes from the departure station of the Eroica, the world-famous sporting event. Many fans of cycling, sports and nature will compete on vintage bikes beating adventurous white roads in the Chianti area.


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