Eroica 2019

Eroica 2019

Born in 1997, Eroica over the years has been transformed from vintage cycle touring for enthusiasts to an internationally renowned event. Its founder Giancarlo Brocci designed it with the dual purpose of re-establishing cycling on the values ​​that made this sport a cornerstone of Italian culture and safeguarding the heritage of white roads in Tuscany.

From the 92 members of the first edition in 1997, more than 5,000 members entered the closed edition of the Eroica 2016 edition. Appointment for the 2017 edition on Sunday 1 October 2017 in Gaiole in Chianti, riding a forged racing bike before 1987 and with the appropriate vintage clothing.

 The 5 routes of Eroica, in detail:

Promenade (46km)

Altitude min.220 | Altitude max 518 | Positive difference in height 691mt
It is the simplest synthesis, in about 3 hours and 700 meters in altitude, to savor the “heroic” atmosphere:
– the suggestive passage from the Castle of Brolio
– the Chianti Classico vineyards set in the typical Tuscan bush
– the descent towards Pianella with the view of Siena in the background
– the characteristic “Leccione”: two holm oaks that seem to be only one that frame a unique panorama.

Corto Route (75km)

Altitude min.220 | Altitude max 518 | Positive difference in height 691mt
It is the “gateway” to the myth of L’Eroica, in 4 hours and 1900 meters in altitude.
In addition to the beauty highlighted in the short route, do not miss:
– Radda in Chianti with its “diffused” hospitality: our official refreshment and the shops of the ancient village, a real party for runners
– the Ristoro di Panzano (Volpaia) where the “Tuscan women” offer Ribollita, typical local cured meats, wine.

Altitude min.280m | Altitude max.690m | Difference in height 2400m

It requires more than 6 hours of travel and with a difference in height of 2,400 m.
It is advisable to face the route only if you have a good preparation. Entirely in the Chianti area.
Over 50 km of white roads, up to 18%; recommended reports 28 or 32.

MEDIO route (135km)
Altitude min.138m | Altitude max.527m | Difference in height 2300m

We are in the myth but still within the reach of an amateur audience with travel times that can stretch far beyond 10 – 12 hours and more. Not to be missed:
– the medieval village of Buonconvento: certified among “the most beautiful villages in Italy”
– our Ristori di Radi, Castelnuovo Berardenga
– the most famous ascent of MONTE SANTE MARIE

LUNGO route (209km)
Altitude min.131m | Altitude max.622m | Difference in height 3251m

It is the most authentic “Eroica”. Over 3700 meters in altitude with an average of at least 15 hours; the last ones arrive even after 22 pm. Here there is all the most extreme spirit but also all the beautiful landscapes of this territory:
– from the night passage to the Castello di Brolio illuminated by the candles
– Siena
– the medieval villages like Buonconvento
– Ristori with that of Pieve a Salti with its organic foods: do not miss the organic whole spelled tart.

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