Nice to meet you, dear travellers!

Let us introduce ourselves, we are a small family made up of Danilo, Simona and our wonderful Golden Retriever Sissi! In 2015, tired of the stressful and alienating life of a big city like Rome, our hometown, which will still remain in our hearts for its immense beauty and because it is the guardian of our roots, we decided to move to one of the most beautiful regions of our country, and in one of the most enchanting areas of Tuscany, the Chianti Classico, famous throughout the world for its landscapes, its history, its art and culture, its nature and the abundance of genuine typical food products such as wine, oil, meat and cured meats. For some time we had developed the desire to move to the province, to have the possibility of returning to a “SLOW” concept of life where we could reconnect with nature, with our interiority, and have greater availability of time for ourselves and for our passions.

Nature now envelops our lives, gives us back a more serene, calmer rhythm and makes us appreciate the context in which we find ourselves. We have also found time for our passions: travel, especially for food and wine, now dedicated mainly to the discovery of these wonderful territories, long walks in the woods, the love for cooking and food and wine that has brought us driven to learn the preparation of typical Tuscan dishes. Montelucci is the context from which all this starts and in which all this is possible. This property, set in this uncontaminated nature, has captured our hearts and makes us happy. Since the sense of hospitality is innate in us, we consider our hospitality business as a way to open the doors of our “special place” to you, hoping that you too can find your dimension there.

The Villa


AgriVilla Montelucci in the heart of Gaiole in Chianti, an authentic jewel set in the magical Tuscan countryside. Located in the center of Chianti Classico, this agriturismo offers not only a quiet refuge from the daily frenzy, but also privileged access to one of the most fascinating regions in Italy.

Nestled in a breathtaking landscape of vineyards, olive groves and cypresses, AgriVilla Montelucci gives guests the opportunity to experience the uncontaminated beauty of Tuscan nature.

The strategic position allows guests to easily explore the pearls of Chianti. At a few minutes’ driving distance are located enchanting medieval villages such as Radda in Chianti, with its cobbled streets and welcoming squares, and Castellina in Chianti, dominated by a majestic fortress.

The possibility of visiting historic castles, authentic architectural treasures that dominate the surrounding hills, further enriches the cultural experience. The proximity to the Tuscan cities of art is another strong point of this agrivilla. Siena, with its suggestive Piazza del Campo and magnificent Cathedral, can be reached in a short time. Florence, cradle of the Renaissance, is just an hour’s drive away, allowing guests to immerse themselves in the timeless works of art and history that the city holds.

Upon returning from a day of visiting places, guests can relax in the agri-villa’s panoramic swimming pool, admiring the sunset over the Chianti hills. AgriVilla Montelucci is more than just a simple agri-villa: it is an authentic Tuscan retreat that allows guests to plonge themselves in the beauty of nature, explore the rich history of the region and taste the unique food and wine culture of Chianti Classico.


Montelucci stands on a hilltop at 700 meters above sea level, kissed by the sun, and is lucky enough to be surrounded by Tuscan lavender plants, typical of our territory. Simona and Danilo, passionate about this wonderful fragrance, decided to cultivate this plant and to take up again the uses of the old Tuscan peasant housewives, who created sachets of lavender to perfume rooms and inserted them into wooden drawers or wardrobes to perfume clothes.

But Simona’s passion pushes her to widen its use and from here the first particular products were born such as essential oil and lavender hydrolat, which is an excellent tonic for the skin, with a high astringent power, as well as an excellent cleansing and refreshing. But it doesn’t end there, because since 2023 Montelucci has also been producing lavender sugar for its customers, the classic lavender cantucci and taralli which can be purchased directly in the villa during their stay.