In 2015, Simona started the Mons Luci agricultural enterprise, together with the hospitality activity, allocating part of the land to the cultivation of an olive grove and a lavender field from which our wonderful products are born.

The particular position of the property, immersed in the greenery of nature and uncontaminated, kissed by the sun and touched by light ventilation, allows the soil to be particularly fertile and productive, thus avoiding the use of any chemical product, and successfully welcoming the majority part of the typical crops of these areas.

The cultivation of olive trees has distant roots and derives from a family tradition, the paternal family, which has always dedicated work and passion to the production of extra virgin olive oil.

The production of extra virgin olive oil in Montelucci comes from a still young plant, so limited quantities are produced for the moment.

More recently, in 2021, Simona also dedicated herself to the cultivation of lavender, a plant with a vivid purple color and an intense scent, a plant that is very resistant to any type of soil and adverse weather conditions, a plant that has little need for irrigation, therefore Eco -friendly, Green as they would say now!

From this beautiful plant, very lively and fragrant, extraordinary products are born that I am the first to use in my daily life, having notable beneficial properties for our body, our mind, for personal care and home cleaning.

I had the opportunity to appreciate its great versatility, its many uses in daily life and its being a natural remedy for many small daily problems.

Like honey, for example, lavender is a powerful natural anti-bacterial. The main products obtained from the transformation of lavender are lavender essential oil, lavender hydrosol, lavender oleolite and fresh or dried flowers.

Lavender is a 100% natural product to perfume or clean our homes, thanks to its strong aroma, lavender can be used as a natural mosquito repellent instead of chemical products, lavender can be useful for creating cleaning and disinfection products for your friends with 4 legs, to perfume your linen and ward off moths in a natural way, lavender is particularly appreciated for the care of our body for burns or sunburn or for bites from mosquitoes or other insects, for irritations due to contact with irritating substances, for redness and chapping, for minor wounds or abrasions.

Remarkable remedy for colds and sinusitis, relaxing for massages, for the composition of many beauty products such as creams, soaps or deodorants.

A few drops of essential oil on the pillow before sleeping make it easier to sleep and fall asleep. Lavender essential oil does not stain fabrics.

Lavender as a natural relaxant. And then, I recently discovered the use I could make of lavender in the kitchen and so I created our food products: Tuscan cantuccini with lavender, lavender sugar, biscuits and plum cakes.